We ’bout to…

Okay so today it’s back to the games,

cussed each other down yesterday but we don’t feel no shame,

and you almost hit me yesterday but that’s okay,

cause we about to- plaster on smiles and shit today.


Boy let’s pretend, pretend like the other day you didn’t try and kick me out,

Like I ain’t shit to you,

Family here now so get your mask out cause,

there’s about to be a show in here right boo?


Lucky it’s not domestic violence cause how I would I hide the scars so well?

But with this internal neglect and bleeding it’s a little harder to tell,

to tell that I am all the way fucked up.

And you’ve had every last bit of me for years,

so sure I’ll still let you fuck.

But only on the days where it’s back to the games of course,

So don’t forget your mask.


Baby, we about to put on a show today,

You make me sick most days like 365 minus about 5,

the other day I couldn’t move and I wondered if I have really been alive,

these past 2 thousand and 92 days.


Some days I hate you more than the rest.

I hate who you have made me,

but there’s this little bitch of a heart in my chest,

that seems to fucking love you.

You almost killed me the other day,


but that’s okay- cause we about to plaster on smiles and shit today.


Written in 2016©

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