For my mum

Without you I am like a boat on still waters,

Just drifting, but like a great gust of wind, you push me,

And ensure that I keep moving,

Though at times the water seems too deep,

You carry me along them, you are my guide.


My guide, when I am blinded, you are my eyes,

You make me see,

So even when it gets dark, with you I don’t feel weak,

You protect me.


Without you, the world could have changed me,

Cause people make you angry and that anger turns to rage,

And that rage turns to hate and you stop being kind,

But with you I am strong enough to not let anger steal my mind,

You keep me kind.


You remind me that to be good is not to be perfect,

And we all make mistakes but we can still pull through,

Our beauty lays beyond the surface,

We are always worth it.

Despite our flaws we are still worthy.


Without you, I would not be me,

And when I smile it’s because you made me see,

That I can always be as happy as I chose to be,

I can chose to be free, I can have my own beliefs,

I can be anything I want to be, you make me free.


Without you…

Every day I am thankful that I’m never without you,

I never doubt you, I trust that you will always be there,

If not in flesh then in my heart I carry you with me,

You are always with me,

The lessons that you taught me, they’ll always be with me,

And wherever I go, I’ll take you with me,

My angel, always with me.


Written in 2016©

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