Dear man, I apologise.

Dear man I apologise.
You gave me your truths I swore them lies.
Today I saw a ‘macho man’ cry,
he kept a straight face and tears fell from his eyes,
he spoke of feelings that he’d tried to hide,
moments full of pain yet he’d kept his eyes dry.
‘To be a man, you must replace feelings with fights.’
So he’d, felt the weight of the world on his shoulders,
experienced loss, got lost as he got older,
he said the tears weren’t for who he lost but how he lost and he seemed colder,
like this world can suck the love out of you n spit you out. Revolver.
He said ‘thanks for listening’ n walked away,
then sat back, road man, more heartache but I guess that’s enough tears for today.
And that’s a breakdown for a man,
a couple tears that if I caught them- wouldn’t even fill my empty hands,
and face dead straight, no lip quivering or body shaking for a man,
back straight, eyes fill, try and hold back if you can…
Today I saw a fighter cry.
He didn’t look less manly to me without dry eyes.
But boy did he try to stay manly,
memories triggered emotions that he couldn’t handle.
Why should he handle them?
Dear man I apologise,
you told me you felt things for me,
I swore that they were lies.
You got upset about things,
I brushed your feelings aside,
because your feelings made me uncomfortable as I struggled with mine.
Imagine a man more able to express his emotions than me-
a young lady who like most, should be emotionally free,
to become emotional, to miss him,
to live in fantasy,
and there you were feeling more than I- a woman could feel.
Dear man I apologise,
I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable being sweet,
it’s just that I stereotyped expression as weak,
and more than anything, you were on a level that I couldn’t quite reach.


Written in 2016 ©

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