Come alive for me baby, unravel.
I want to see you undone,
unmasked, naked.
I want evidence. I wanna see physiological change take place,
your breath increasing, your sweat dripping, veins pulsing-
with passion. With raw expression.
Undone, unmasked, naked.
I wanna see you angry.
Anger’s not pretty but boy does it make you feel alive.
Boy, does it start a fire in your belly and an explosion in your mind that reminds you that you are so alive.
Hot like fire yes, but damn look how beautifully and fiercely those flames dance.
I’ll dance to the sound of your laughter. Just yours though.
The kind of dance that feels like freedom in the flesh.
Like I’m undone. Unmasked. Naked.
Let’s cut a little deeper baby.
I want the juices of your mind to flow comfortably and uncontrollably into mine.
Share them. Your thoughts, your beliefs, your dreams.


Written in 2016 ©

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