Communication barriers

She’s making loads of noises,
I know she’s shouting to be heard,
So I’m trying to listen, but I just can’t hear a word.

I’ve got to get this off my chest now,
I’ve got to make her understand,
how it feels to be in my shoes,
maybe she’ll feel my pain if I hold her hand…

Suddenly she grabs my hand,
panic creeps up on me,
and so I walk away to get someone else,
I’ve just got to escape you see…

She walked away. Why would she do that?
Can’t she see that I’m hurt?
I’m sure I’m speaking their language,
why is it I’m never heard?

She’s gone off the rails now,
throwing things and hitting her face,
what a temper she has got..
No I can’t deal with this today.

That’s it I’ve had enough now,
I’ll refuse to go home,
I depend on them to understand me,
yet they leave him and me alone.

It’s playing on my mind though,
she seemed really down,
but usually it’s something silly,
like too much noise and I don’t have time for that right now.

It’s hard for me to communicate,
so they think I’m a danger to myself,
and in protecting me from me,
they put me in danger with someone else.

She’ll be okay when she gets home,
her carer will know what she needs,
but the barrier is just too much at times,
so I think it’s fair that I leave…

Submissive again. They don’t hear my cries,
because they don’t have the typical sound,
and there’s no time to try and work me out,
and he’s home waiting with the music up loud.


Written in 2015 ©

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