To be happy

To be happy,

To smile and know that it is not just in the curve of your lips but that

Happiness seeps from deep within your soul,

That despite all the bad you have the strength to absorb the smallest drop of good,

And feed on it.

Like a few drops of rain to a forgotten flower, you blossom in that

Happiness as you allow it to consume you,

Perhaps for just that moment,

But in that moment you are free to be perfectly happy,

Despite being in such an imperfect world,

You have felt the perfect feeling of unrestrained happy.

And it is those moments, that will make you,

That when you feel you can’t go on, those moments they will wake you,

And carry you, like a feather in the wind,

Effortlessly, to a new place.

And it may not be the best place but you can choose to be happy.

You can chose to enter it with a smile,

Not drawn on but etched into your soul,

Knowing that no matter where life takes you,

Happiness will always be your goal.

Written in 2014 ©

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