His Love

I don’t really preach but his love falls like rain,

Gently cleansing me from all my pain as he removes those weights

and cuddles me again.

Every time I fall, he picks me up and he

loves me unconditionally,

even when I feel I don’t deserve to be loved.

You see I don’t stand on rooftops and preach in his name,

I don’t quote them to those who have lost their way,

but he knows in my heart that he will always have a space.

And I will be, I am a good person, just to see that smile on his face,

when I reach those pearly gates.

I’ve often wondered what I’d say- would I ask why?

Why so many people, including I, cry,

from all the pain and burden,

chaining them so they can’t be free,

lost souls casting shadows of who they should have had the strength to be.

But I know it is you who will ask me why, people always

look to the sky for the answers,

when you created us to be strong enough to believe that we are as good as

we chose to be.

And you will cry and your tears will fall from the sky as rain,

with the intentions of cleansing us again, washing our wounds,

so we don’t feel the pain,

and still so stupidly, we will curse the rain.

But I know- his love, it falls like rain.

Written in 2014 ©

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