Font Size 4

Let me build words that outperform words,

words that are felt instead of heard,

I wanna build words that you can touch.

Words like ‘love’ in abundance since we don’t seem to have much.

So when you don’t feel beautiful,

you can hold it in your arms until you do,

And if you’re scared, you can look fear in the face and say ‘screw you’.

I wanna tattoo words on my skin until they sink in,

so deep that no one else’s mess me up ’cause my blood is full of

literature and I keep swimming.

When I die, promise that my gravestone will be covered in poetry,

font size 4,

So you can fit plenty on and always a little more,

Let me build words that outperform words,

When said I don’t tend to believe them,

but put a poetic spin on it and you won’t catch me leaving.

I wanna swim in them.

They flow from me like there’s blood in my pen,

I am a part of them.

Let me write verses inside my eyelids so when I close my eyes I still see,

I still feel.

I wanna build words like they’re the only thing in this whole world that’s real,

in this messed up world, words help me heal.

I write them down and all the bullshit leaves me,

I hear them spoken and I swear, they set me free.


Written in 2015 ©


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