Deep Water

The waters rising and I’m in so deep that I cant breathe,

I’m frantically fighting through the current so that I can see

But where am I?

In a lake that’s familiar to me,

I’ve been swimming so why isit that I seem to be…

In the same damn place that I was in the beginning,

The waters misting and I cant stop my head from spinning.


How can it be that when I look behind me there’s nothing?

The paths empty,

Suggesting that my journeys achieved nothing,

But I’ve been swimming so hard!

So hard that my palms are bleeding..

Been thrashing at the waters but my efforts are receding,

I’ve stopped.


And when I looked back I expected to see,

A mighty path that Id fought through amazingly,

But its empty.

And I realise that no ones to blame but me…

Too much hope usually ends in tragedy.


So I’ll stop,

I’ll let the misty dark waters just take me,

To a quiet place where I no longer need to breathe…

I’m closing my eyes, that’s it, I’ve had enough of seeing.

Written in 2011 ©

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